Are you looking for the Top Fat Burners on the market but aren’t sure which ones are safe or are the most effective? Well this is a review of the top fat burners which are available now on the market and a review also of their effectiveness and safety.

1. Clenbuterol:

Also known as the “Size Zero Pill”, this was particularly popular in 2007 as celebrity’s in Hollywood reveled just how many were using this fat burning pill. Originally designed as a pill to treat horses for asthma, this fat burner works by getting the heart racing thus increasing your fat burning capabilities whilst also suppressing your appetite for Phenq reviews up to 9 hours. In terms of effectiveness, this fat fat burner was once considered to be the most top fat burner available, however due to its inherent risks and side effects such as a racing heart, jitters, panic attacks and unusual brain and sleep patterns, is now only available through prescription.

2. Ephedra (Ephedrine Alkaloid):

Also once a top fat burner, Ephedra has now been revealed to be extremely unsafe and is now banned in most countries. Again, designed to get the heart racing and get the ticker running and burning your fat intake quicker it is now known to cause heart palpitations. Athletes also use it as a performance enhancing drug.

3. Alli:

Alli is an FDA approved product which is available over the counter in the U.S and available on-line. This top fat burner is essentially a fat binder, or to be more specific, it works in the digestive track and reduces your enzymes ability to break down your fat intake therefore producing less fatty acids. Your remaining fat intake then passes through the intestine as waste product and is excreted. Probably the most popular fat burner in the U.S, it does come with some “treatment effects”. If you do not adhere to a 15mg dietary fat intake for each meal then you will experience some bowel movement and loose tools. Therefore there are some dietary restrictions attached to this fat burner.

4. Procatol:

Also FDA approved, proactol is 100% natural and organic. Manufactured from the extracts of a cactus, this top fat burner works like a fat binder, binding up to 28% of your dietary intake. Unlike Alli however you do not have to limit your fat intake to avoid the “treatment effects”, however if you want to follow the most effective diet, a low fat intake diet plus regular exercise will obviously supplement this top fat burner. Acting as a an appetite suppressant, Proactol is also prescribed in the U.K to help lower your cholesterol level.