If you are a Notre Dame Fan, then you know exactly what I am talking about. Ever since Charlie Weis came into town the critics have been deciding that Notre Dame was nothing to be worried about. This has actually been going on for quite a while before Weis, but they still do it. Notre Dame is 2 and 0 at the moment and won both games with some great offense, but the ESPN College Gameday crew still thinks that Michigan State will win and pretty easily.

This to me shows exactly how much the announcers and gurus really know. They pick teams based on history and based on the safest bet most of the time and they are very wrong a lot of times. I wish that they would to a College day after game on Sunday mornings before all the NFL pregame shows start. They could have someone host it that is going to rip each and every one of their picks and tell us how wrong they were. This would give us all a clue to how much they really know.

I am an avid Notre Dame fan and I watch each and every game. I am a bit bias, but there is no way that I would even consider that Michigan State could blow the Irish out this year. I do have to say, and this comes with total sarcasm, that Mark May is by far my favorite ESPN guy. HA! He is the most bias of them and and an avid Notre Dame hater.

I am sure that the reason he hates Notre Dame so much is ราคาบอลสเต็ป ufabet because they told him no when he applied for admission. Actually it all started when Tyrone Willingham was fired, so it all has to do with being black, but the kicker is Tyrone Willingham was lucky he ever had a winning season at Notre Dame and he could have been any color and still lost. He is just not a great Notre Dame coach.

The only reason he even was hired was so that the press would have something positive to talk about after George O’leary lied on is resume, which people do each and every day. Personally I think he would have been a better coach, but in Mark May’s eyes he is not black. Either way we ended up with Weis and it will not be long before the critics have to stop picking the opposing team because Clausen is the real deal and we have an offensive line that is doing a very good job this year, so GO IRISH!