The NFL Preseason is upon us and the smell of football is in the air. Football is what most gamblers await year after year. However, a lot of people don’t play the NFL Preseason. Its easy money ladies and gentlemen if you know what you are doing. Lets look at some things that may help you be a winner this year.

With the NFL Preseason, as all other sports, make sure you have several books so you can shop around for the best line possible. The more books the better your chance of winning. We all have been burnt by that dreaded ½ point. Don’t let it happen to you this year.

Don’t play with your heart. Again, use this with all other sports as well. Yes, you may win a few by doing this and may even make some money, but its not a smart thing to do. Playing with your heart will get you in trouble as you are not thinking clearly on the game. Also, don’t play a game just because its on TV or Monday Night Football. That’s asking for trouble too.

Be careful playing on public teams. Last year was a very rare season where the public teams actually were the way to go. Almost every year though you will make money playing against these teams. You have to pick your spots and play smart. Keep in mind that the oddsmakers are not stupid. When something looks too good to be true, normally it is.

Some coaches play to win in the Preseason while others tend to not care and mainly want to keep their starters safe and injury free. Make sure you know all the Coaches Preseason info. You need to know how long starters will play and who are these   ufabet เว็บตรงทางเข้า backups who are coming into the game.

Rocketman Sports cashed 70% of our selections two years ago and 64% last year in the NFL Preseason as documented by The Sports Monitor of Oklahoma City, OK. We use our own made up power ratings that I call the Rocketman Line, along with Coaches and trend data to come up with our selections. A lot of work is put into the NFL Preseason to ensure that our clients come out on top again.

Rocketman has cashed 16 of 20 winning seasons in the NFL and College Football combined and this will be our 11th year of handicapping football. Rocketman has never had a losing College Football season and is 11-1 last two years with our Top Rated 5* CFB plays. You make sure you are on board with us this year. Regardless, I hope you do well and have a great year!!