With so many contrasting opinions in circulation debating the value of replacement windows, it can be difficult to know which side to trust. Are replacement sash windows the answer? Or should you spend your money repairing your older timber windows instead? The more trusted window firms prefer customers to have full confidence in their decision to commission bespoke windows for their home, so the best companies encourage you to ask yourself whether or not you need new windows. Of course, the answer will vary from reader to reader, but there are some tell tale signs that you’re in need.

Most obvious of course is the condition of your existing windows. PVC – U and timber sashes deteriorate differently, so it’s important to keep an eye on your windows.

While PVC – U windows are extremely durable and hardwearing they are not indestructible and some of the early PVC was prone to discolouration. Many people were not aware that PVC sash windows were available and often fitted inappropriate replacements which were not in keeping with the property.

Look for a replacement window provider which guarantees all work carried out; this way you can be certain that replacing poorly styled original PVC – U casement windows with theirs is a permanent remedy.

By contrast to plastic counterparts, timber windows can fall victim to rot and fungal damage if they’re not installed properly using materials of anDouble Glazing Sash Windows Kent appropriate quality. All of one company’s timber sash windows are treated with boron anti-fungal preservative to prevent rot. Otherwise, look for moistness to the touch, crumbing wood, and paint bubbling or discolouration.

These signs usually mean that timber is beyond repair, and could point to a need for new timber windows. Of course, repair is definitely an option, but this is not always cost effective. In many cases, giving wooden windows an added lift, even if the work is carried out by trained carpentry specialists, simply leads to the same problems being encountered a short time later.

Think about the future of your home too. If you’re planning to move on and are happy with the price you’re likely to sell for, there may not be much point investing in newer windows. However, those looking to stay in their homes for many years, or owners looking to get more for their homes when selling should seriously consider the replacement option.