DNP is one of the most popular fat burners among professional bodybuilders. With 2 or 4 dinitrophenol tablets body fat in the muscles rapidly disappears. This drug suits anyone who wants to lose weight quickly: it doesn’t matter whether you want to walk along the beach with a perfect figure or whether you want to participate in a bodybuilding competition.

Dinitrophenol or DNP

One of the most important aspects of cellular respiration is oxidative phosphorylation (which is synthesized from adenosine triphosphate). DNP in this reaction blocks the synthesis of adenosine diphosphate (ADP) and as the reaction continues all of the energy the cells receive is converted into heat. This causes a slight increase in body Rad 140 Testolone Side Effects temperature when taking dinitrophenol.

Mechanism of action

As mentioned above, when taking dinitrophenol the process of cellular respiration is changed, and the body corrects these violations by resorting to lipolysis. Despite the temperature increase that this drug causes, it remains popular because it can increase metabolism by 30% or even 50%. Under these conditions, it is possible to burn an additional 400g fat daily.

Side Effects

Dinitrophenol can cause an increase in sweating and that this sweat may stain light colored clothing.

The drug can also cause lethargy, or an overall feeling of weakness.

Additionally, around 1% of individuals taking the drug may develop cataracts.

It is essential that you do not exceed the maximum daily recommended dosage, which is 5 mg per 1kg of body weight. If you are just starting out, you should take no more than 2mg per 1 kg of body weight.

It is generally accepted that fat burners are often hazardous to health. But it should be noted that a large number of medicines can be dangerous to health if used incorrectly. With a competent individual approach you can avoid negative side effects.