If you do a Google search for Albert Beckles, you will pictures of a man with biceps demonstrating the freakiest split this side of Ronnie Coleman. Decades ago, this level of bicep development was admired and desired, but it seems to have fallen in the wayside in recent years, as the goal of bodybuilders became “get big at all costs”. If your goal is to use growth hormone and insulin to become a 265-pound monster, then by all means, you shouldn’t worry about biceps peak. You can settle for 22-inch guns without any separation. But if your goal is a shredded, two-headed biceps that juts out from your upper arm and shocks all who view it, keep reading. Here are a few tips to bringing out that beloved biceps split.


Very often, either you have it or you don’t. Of course you can build upon what you have. However, it should be noted that many people will train for a Ostarine mk-2866 lifetime and never develop a notable bicep peak, and some people will see the starts of a split in middle school.

Low body fat

Even if you have a biceps peak on par with Mr. Beckles himself, a body fat percentage of under 12% is going to be required before you will ever see a bit of it. If your goal is to display a great peak, you’ll need to use diet and cardio to help you achieve your goal.

Isolation movements

Many bodybuilders believe that isolation movements such as one-arm cable curls and dumbbell concentration curls can assist greatly in bringing out the biceps split. These movements allow the biceps to receive continuous tension, at an arc which continually pulls on the biceps head, and can be completed with a higher number of repetitions to help engorge the area with blood.